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World Anvil: Level Up Your Worldbuilding Skills

World Anvil is an online world that was built for the purpose of building other worlds and has evolved into an extraordinarily helpful community for creatives, a space on the internet that is positive, where artists are helping artists. Dive into this detailed conversation between author Deleyna Marr and Janet Forbes, one of the creators of World Anvil.

Deleyna: How would you describe World Anvil to someone who doesn't have any experience with it?

Janet: World Anvil is the writing notebook you dreamed of, that organizes your worldbuilding notes for you. It is the novel-writing software that is as lean as you need it to be without all the extra bells and whistles, but it's connected to that magical self-organizing notebook. And if you want it to be, it's also a platform where you can share your work with other people, either in an amateur or a professional capacity. You can build communities around that work; you can take part in other communities as well. And you can generally just get excited about writing and worldbuilding.

There is so much more in this detailed conversation. Click here to read the rest of this interview.

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