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Working with Lori has been a fateful experience. After meeting Lori at a writer’s conference, I worked with her on editing a sample piece. Her intuition, sharp eye, and knowledge of grammar has bolstered my writing in a way that workshops and writing classes never could. Lori works more as a co-collaborator, taking what you have written, and through editing and advice, reveals your greatest potential. I have recommended Lori to friends and other writers, and now I am recommending her to you.

Kelly Nusz

Lori gave me my virgin experience—with having my work edited by a professional!

Before that, I had used willing friends and relatives—at least relatively willing!—to give me feedback on my work.

Lori outlined the process for me, taught me Track Changes, bore with my technical unsavvyness, and applied her expertise to my manuscript. She cleaned up all the punctuation and grammar—there was a surprising amount!—and helped me look for ways to rephrase thoughts to clarify them. If I was stumped, she’d offer possibilities—never forceful, always sensitive to keeping my voice. She researched my quotes and attributions and even found one of my quotes from Gandhi to be a common misquote of his actual words, which had a very nuanced difference.

In addition to her professionalism, Lori brought a warm and caring tone to our whole interaction. She worked in a timely, easy, pleasant way and thought of things I hadn’t thought of or with which I had no prior experience. For example, she warned me ahead of time that the publisher would most likely want to change my book’s title. She was right, and her forewarning prepared me.

Yes—THE PUBLISHER! My agent was able to find the perfect match for my book, with many thanks to Lori’s thorough, professional, attentive editing. I give Lori my highest recommendation!

Tanya Zabinski
Artist, activist and community organizer, Tanya Zabinski is the author and illustrator of PEACE, LOVE, ACTION! (Parallax), the recipient of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Tomie dePaolo Award and of the 2020 Benjamin Franklin Award from The Independent Book Publishers Association

Here's why Lori's particular kind of human intelligence matters. Grammar books and dictionaries and AI programs only compare your prose to a few rules.

When Lori looks at your words she sees more. She sees an entire world. She sees the forest, the trees, the limbs, and the individual leaves. Of course, she looks for spelling goofs and grammar glitches amid all that.
But she does something more. She sees the words and the phrases and the sentences, and asks, Is this what you really mean to convey? She will ask it over and over again, until both of you are satisfied that the answer is yes.

Is that magic? Maybe. What's certain is that Lori's skill set as a human editor is unique and valuable, well worth your investment.

Nancy Grant
Member: American Society of Journalists and Authors

Lori--I really do not know where to begin because for me, you have been a godsend in building my new business, giving me confidence in a no-nonsense, reliable, and honest copyediting resource for my book projects. And frankly, it goes way beyond the seemingly sterile, clinical, unimaginative world of copyediting that you find in the news services. The passion for your work, curiosity for the subject, the questions you ask with the tenacity of an investigative reporter have proven to me you are a real problem solver in making sure we are getting it right--right down to the "right word." Somewhere I read, "God is in the details," and so it is with the Grammarwitch.  You truly are "Wicked."

John H. Clark IV

Lori Brown is a brilliant editor. I loved working with her on my historical novel Without Warning: The Saga of Gettysburg, A Reluctant Union Hero, and the Men He Inspired. This novel was an enormous editing challenge, a huge story that covers 760 pages. Lori edited the manuscript four complete times, with each editing pass focusing on a different aspect of the novel. Lori spent hours and hours with me ensuring all the timestamps were historically accurate.


One of Lori’s gifts is her ability to grasp where the story was going and suggesting how the manuscript could be improved. When we were working together on an editing challenge, she insisted we get it right before moving on to the next editing challenge.

One of the unintended benefits of working with Lori has been in writing the sequels of Without Warning (Thundering Courage, to be followed by Fractured Pursuit). As I reread a sentence or paragraph or a scene in Thundering Courage, I feel Lori’s presence saying, “That’s not going to fly” or “That’s a great sentence.” Working with Lori was like studying for an MFA in writing. The highest compliment I can give her is that when Without Warning was published in June 2020, I knew that it was as accurate as historically possible because she checked all facts (and made me re-check them) sometimes two to three times to ensure they were aligned.


I would bet on Lori in any editing gunfight with another editor. Lori is fast, gifted, thorough, and a total professional of the highest degree. Another of Lori’s gifts is that she understands an author’s perspective. Put simply, she is gentle but firm when the writing is not working. One of the greatest pleasures of working with Lori is that she doesn’t pull her punches, so when she says a sentence or paragraph is great, it’s a fantastic feeling.


In the strongest terms, I would recommend Lori as your editor. She is truly the best of the best.

Terry Pierce
author of the critically acclaimed Without Warning: The Saga of Gettysburg, A Reluctant Union Hero, and the Men He Inspired (Heart Ally Books), as well as the forthcoming sequels, Thundering Courage and Fractured Pursuit

Simply put, Lori is an outstanding editor.

Lori and I have worked together on a number of very complicated book projects over the last several years and I have found that her command of her profession, attention to detail, and admirable work ethic combine to create the best kind of collaborator.

Without question, if you enlist the aid of the Grammarwitch you will be glad that you did because her editorial abilities set her a level above her peers.

Elizabeth Perry Spalding

For most authors, the editing process is dreaded and painful. You send your baby to a professional and ask her to find everything wrong – all the blemishes and warts – on something you thought was amazing. Well, Lori, found all those blemishes and warts but she took special care of my manuscript. She was thorough AND she always only wanted me to publish my very best. Was it hard? Yes. Was it fun? Not particularly. Was it painless? Yes. Lori made me feel like a great writer who needed to put commas here and there and maybe rewrite a sentence or two. By the time we were done, I believe she loved my characters as much as I do. It’s because of her attitude, I feel 100% confident I am publishing something excellent. Thank you, Lori. See you on book 3.

June A. Converse
Journey to Hope

I've hired dozens of freelance editors and indexers, but Lori is my favorite. She is the first person I call whenever a new project pops up.

Not only is she a great editor, with a firm grasp of Chicago Manual of Style guidelines, but she is also an excellent writer. That's a priceless skill that all good editors should have. And best of all, she's lots of FUN!

I've recommended Lori to dozens of colleagues and they have all been thrilled with her great work.

Nancy Heinonen
Publications Director, Crescent Hill Books and Production Manager, Four Colour Print Group, 2410 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206

As a publisher, I've worked with a lot of editors: too many of them. When it comes to editing my work, I want Lori. Lori is like a warm, snuggly blanket of safety on a cold winter's night. Lori helps me dress my baby up nice and pretty before sending it out into the world. She catches those horribly embarrassing typos that we all make, and she also catches the little inconsistencies that can slip in. She doesn't edit HER voice into MY work, she just makes MY voice sound the way I want it to. I can't imagine a better editor.

Lisa Norman

Thank you so much, Lori. I can't even begin tell you what a blessing it was to find you. Not just a line editor and copy editor extraordinaire rolled into one (which is monumental), but also someone who pushed me into thinking deeply about things I considered insignificant, but turned out to be profoundly relevant to Nel's journey. You did so much more than I initially anticipated, and I just don't have the words to convey my gratitude.

Menaha G

"Lori at Grammarwitch will correct more than your mis-spellings and run-on sentences, she will help you craft better sentences that never remove the essence of what you, the author, is trying to say. I cannot thank Lori enough for helping me write an award-winning book and I know I could not have done it without her. Thank you, Lori. If I ever write another, you'll be the first person I contact for that important final read..."

Anne Uglum
Graffiti Messages from God: Life Lessons on the Camino de Santiago

Grammarwitch turned my good manuscript into a great book with editing that ran the range from basic comma corrections to lofty concepts. She gently and kindly told me I needed to write a whole new first chapter, and she was right. She has a fine eye for underrated details like fact checking and political correctness, and she’s got a great sense of humor that makes her fun to work with. She was also mind-bogglingly patient with my regular crises of confidence I’m sure all authors go through.

Paul Wesslund

I met Lori by chance and I’m so thrilled that I did. We worked together on my picture book The Meatshower and it was an absolute pleasure the entire time. Her knowledge, clarity of thought, and ability are all remarkable, which is how a professional should be, but her honest and caring nature were just as valuable. I deeply appreciated her dedication to keeping the spirit of my writing intact while helping me to refine and clean my manuscript. She was responsive, encouraging, and took an honest interest making my work as good as it could be. I look forward to working with her again.

Mick Sullivan

Lori Patrick is a gifted empath. Working with her exceeded my expectations of the editing process. She deftly connected with my voice and utilized her intuitive nature to enhance the power of my message through clarity and intention. The wealth of her personal knowledge coupled with her research abilities ensured that my work remained factually supported and grammatically accurate. Moreover, she is charming, compassionate, professional, and prompt. Grammarwitch’s editing skills are truly transformative. She swooped in and magic happened!

Abby Kamen
The Universe & U Powered by U

Lori Patrick edits every one of my manuscripts before it goes to the publisher, and she's written the back cover copy for most of them. Whether you want a simple proofread, fact checking, line editing, or comprehensive copy editing, I can tell you from long experience that Lori is the best. You can depend on her to make your manuscript say what you meant for it to say, and getting a misspelled word past her is like trying to throw a pork chop past a wolf.  She's thorough, insightful and dependable.  Frankly, I think she's a better writer than I am, but don't tell her I said that or she'll raise her prices.

Dale Cramer

We worked together on my picture book The Meatshower and it was an absolute pleasure the entire time. I deeply appreciated her dedication to keeping the spirit of my writing intact while helping me to refine and clean my manuscript. She was responsive, encouraging, and took an honest interest making my work as good as it could be. I look forward to working with her again. (

Mick Sullivan
The Meatshower and The Past and The Curious podcast