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Tanya Zabinski

Lori gave me my virgin experience—with having my work edited by a professional!

Before that, I had used willing friends and relatives—at least relatively willing!—to give me feedback on my work.

Lori outlined the process for me, taught me Track Changes, bore with my technical unsavvyness, and applied her expertise to my manuscript. She cleaned up all the punctuation and grammar—there was a surprising amount!—and helped me look for ways to rephrase thoughts to clarify them. If I was stumped, she’d offer possibilities—never forceful, always sensitive to keeping my voice. She researched my quotes and attributions and even found one of my quotes from Gandhi to be a common misquote of his actual words, which had a very nuanced difference.

In addition to her professionalism, Lori brought a warm and caring tone to our whole interaction. She worked in a timely, easy, pleasant way and thought of things I hadn’t thought of or with which I had no prior experience. For example, she warned me ahead of time that the publisher would most likely want to change my book’s title. She was right, and her forewarning prepared me.

Yes—THE PUBLISHER! My agent was able to find the perfect match for my book, with many thanks to Lori’s thorough, professional, attentive editing. I give Lori my highest recommendation!