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Summer of Light Cover

Summer of Light: A Novel

From the Christy Award-winning author of Bad Ground and Levi's Will 

"You never know what the day will bring..."

When construction worker Mick Brannigan loses his job in a freak accident that was not exactly not his fault, he becomes a stay-at-home dad to his three children. Mick's whole life feels like an accident.

Between the unrelenting demands of keeping a household together and a family alive, not to mention tending to the therapy needs of their youngest child, who has sensory issues, Mick needs an outlet, and he finds one when he discovers he has a gift for photography.

Packed with humor, true-to-life characters, and everyday issues that readers will find close to home, Summer of Light is a poignant, witty, entertaining, and soul-searching look at family, friends, and faith.