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Sample Edits

A sample edit can usually give you/your editor an idea of:

  • the level of your ability as a writer
  • what sort of feedback a given editor provides
  • a taste of how she will work with you and how compatible you will be as a team

A sample edit may or may not give you or your editor:

  • a sense of whether your MS is ready for a full edit (it probably will, but sometimes there are surprises hidden later down the road)
  • whether your MS is ready for a full edit or whether you need some coaching to get it to that level (this usually requires that the editor take a more thorough look at the full MS, or at least a synopsis and a few excerpts, but she may be able to give you feedback based on the excerpt)

What a sample edit cannot give you or your editor is:

  • a comprehensive developmental edit (an editor would need to read the entire MS for that)

The easiest way to get a sample edit of up to 5,000 words is to sign up for my editing workshop at Lawson Writer’s Academy online here. In 2021, I am teaching there in May and November. The cost of the workshop changes from time to time; follow the link to the website for current pricing.

The second easiest way to get a sample edit (word count negotiable) is to contact me here. Sample edits directly through me are priced by the word. If, after your sample edit, you choose to hire me as your book coach or your editor (or both), whatever you paid for the sample edit will be counted toward your coaching or editing.