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Kiss of the Jewel Bird

Cover - Kiss of the Jewel BirdIt gives me great joy to announce the publication—finally!of my friend Dale Cramer's novel, Kiss of the Jewel Bird. And it's about time.

This one's been a long time coming. When I first read the short story that was the seed of this extraordinary yarn, I knew he had given birth to something unique. And, 16 years later--about as much time as it takes to raise the average childhere it is.

But this is no average child. Full-grown, fully realized, ripe and soul-satisfying, crafted from myth and cautionary tale, wisdom and wit, this is the stuff of legend. And you'll have such a rip-roaring good time reading it that you might not even notice you're plumbing the depths of an original, classic fable, dripping in history and philosophy, festooned with outrageous humor, and riddled with an uncommon knack for combining scholarly research and human tenderness in delectable, fathomless layers.

Why are you still sitting there listening to me? Go order a copy from your favorite bookstore or online venue right now! I promise you, this is an adventure unlike any you've ever stepped into before.