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Cover of Dominion of Darkness by Deleyna Marr shows old man and young woman facing opposite directions

Dominion of Darkness: The Irresistible Pull of Opposites

Deleyna Marr's captivating fantasy Dominion of Darkness sets up conflict after classic conflict between multiple opposites. In a universe that mimics our own and yet is clearly a different dimension, light confronts dark, past collides with future, healers battle destroyers.

Even the theme of opposites in conflict has its own contradictory theme: spiritual forces show themselves to be inseparable from the physical, and the natural works alongside the supernatural. Instead of being opposites, they show themselves to be parts of a whole: one does not exist without the other.

Within this framework, Deleyna Marr has concocted a delectable story with a strong woman at the helm: Elainya is a powerful healer. Combining her inborn gift with deep knowledge of the healing virtues of herbs and other plants and her enduring spiritual alliance to the Light, her skills are sought and coveted by kings and community--and her power and ability by the forces of darkness.

Deleyna had me at herbs and potions and healers and a strong female protagonist. Add her rich world-building and writerly gifts, and there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to take her on as a client. Dominion of Darkness, published by Heart Ally Books, is an enchanting and thoughtfully layered book. Order a copy and please consider giving it a review! Books this good deserve being brought to the attention of as many readers as possible--and more readers deserve to discover books this good. Engaged readerships make it happen!

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