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book cover Destiny at Dolphin Bay

Destiny at Dolphin Bay

Heart Ally Books author and Grammarwitch client Diana Delacruz launches the first book of her Desert Island Diaries series.

God always has a purpose. We always have a choice. In this compelling Genesis Award finalist, fifteen-year-old Melissa Travis finds herself floundering into uncharted waters when she is exiled from her Christian high school. Dreading a month of “mom talks” over endless cups of tea, she accepts her missionary sister’s invitation to visit the remote Chiloé Islands of southern Chile.

There she discovers a world utterly unlike the South Pacific paradise she imagined, where dire poverty dwells with enchanting beauty, and ancient customs conspire with modern corruption. While a pod of playful dolphins casts an irresistible spell, sinister evil simmers beneath the surface. A suspicious drowning, a ghost ship, and a shaman’s chilling prediction of her death on the island force Melissa to question everything she believes.

Amid the storm of human greed and natural disasters, a soulful young islander inspires her to make life-changing choices, while faith and friendship draw her to reckon with destiny. Destiny at Dolphin Bay is now available at

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4 comments on “Destiny at Dolphin Bay”

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kay! I think YA fiction has some of the best authors and most well-written books out there, and Destiny at Dolphin Bay is an excellent example. Good to hear from you!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Lisa! It really is an extremely well-written book. I'm looking forward to the next one in the series already!