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Cautionary Tales and Vicious Rumors about Working with a Grammarwitch

Lori Patrick edits every one of my manuscripts before it goes to the publisher, and she’s written the back cover copy for most of them. Whether you want a simple proofread, fact checking, line editing, or comprehensive copy editing, I can tell you from long experience that Lori is the best. You can depend on her to make your manuscript say what you meant for it to say, and getting a misspelled word past her is like trying to throw a pork chop past a wolf.  She’s thorough, insightful and dependable.  Frankly, I think she’s a better writer than I am, but don’t tell her I said that or she’ll raise her prices.

— Dale Cramer, award-winning author of Sutter’s Cross,

Bad Ground, Levi’s Will, Summer of Light,

Paradise Valley, The Captive Heart, Though Mountains Fall,

and—just released, March 2015Kiss of the Jewel Bird


As a publisher, I’ve worked with a lot of editors: too many of them. When it comes to editing my work, I want Lori. Lori is like a warm, snuggly blanket of safety on a cold winter’s night. Lori helps me dress my baby up nice and pretty before sending it out into the world. She catches those horribly embarrassing typos that we all make, and she also catches the little inconsistencies that can slip in. She doesn’t edit HER voice into MY work, she just makes MY voice sound the way I want it to. I can’t imagine a better editor.

— Lisa Norman, Owner, Heart Ally Books


Simply put, Lori is an outstanding editor.

Lori and I have worked together on a number of very complicated book projects over the last several years and I have found that her command of her profession, attention to detail, and admirable work ethic combine to create the best kind of collaborator. 

Without question, if you enlist the aid of the Grammarwitch you will be glad that you did because her editorial abilities set her a level above her peers.

— Elizabeth Perry Spalding

21 Skye Design

Award Winning Graphic Design


Lori–I really do not know where to begin because for me, you have been a godsend in building my new business, giving me confidence in a no-nonsense, reliable, and honest copyediting resource for my book projects. And frankly, it goes way beyond the seemingly sterile, clinical, unimaginative world of copyediting that you find in the news services. The passion for your work, curiosity for the subject, the questions you ask with the tenacity of an investigative reporter have proven to me you are a real problem solver in making sure we are getting it right–right down to the “right word.” Somewhere I read, “God is in the details,” and so it is with the Grammarwitch.  You truly are “Wicked.”  

— Most sincerely and respectfully, JC

John H. Clark IV

Old Stone Press


Lori Patrick, the Grammarwitch, has provided fact-checking for Kentucky Living magazine for over 10 years. She fact-checks all material that prints in Kentucky Living, including photo captions and credit information.

In a time when there are so many errors in online material, if you want your publication to be taken seriously, you must get it right. Even the best of writers sometimes get facts wrong, and we cringe sometimes at the information that would have been printed had we not been fact-checking the material.

We routinely receive wonderful comments from individuals featured in our stories thanking Lori and us for being so professional and for making sure the facts and their quotes are correct. Many comment that the story is the best coverage they have ever received. This is because the Grammarwitch always makes us look good!

Lori is not only our fact-checker but an extension of our staff as she serves as a PR face for the magazine. Lori’s knowledge is wide-ranging—you can’t easily slip one by her—and she knows the language to reach out to all types of experts as well as the general public. She is also a bit of a “Sherlock Holmes” in tracking down individuals when solid contact information is not provided by the writers. Whatever needs to be done to ensure the information is correct, Lori will do.

The Grammarwitch makes Kentucky Living look great for our one million readers. She provides a wonderful sense of pride in our publication, and hiring her to do our fact-checking is definitely one of the smarter decisions we have made over the years.

— Anita Travis Richter
Managing Editor, Kentucky Living 


I’ve hired dozens of freelance editors and indexers, but Lori is my favorite. She is the first person I call whenever a new project pops up.

Not only is she a great editor, with a firm grasp of Chicago Manual of Style guidelines, but she is also an excellent writer. That’s a priceless skill that all good editors should have. And best of all, she’s lots of FUN!

I’ve recommended Lori to dozens of colleagues and they have all been thrilled with her great work.

Nancy Heinonen
Publications Director
Crescent Hill Books
Production Manager
Four Colour Print Group
2410 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206