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Binge Birding

Road trip! Join author Nancy Grant on a birding binge to the Texas Gulf Coast to see as many birds as she possibly can.

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The Universe & U

Spiritual innovator and clairvoyant Abby Kamen and I worked together over a nine-month period on a very thorough edit of her first book and its sequel, bringing clarity, consistency, and continuity to these thought-provoking works of personal insight into the role of empathy and intuition in our changing world.

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Über Alles

Fact and fiction weave an unforgettable tale of the human realities of World War II.

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Sutter's Cross

I will always be grateful to Dale Cramer for trusting me with an early edit of his first novel - and every one he wrote after that.

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Saving Kentucky: Greening the Bluegrass

Exquisite words and images showcase humans dedicated to preserving Kentucky’s past and protecting its future.

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Messages from the Edge

Traumatic Stress & Integrative Healing Consultant Paige Valdiserri's "Paigeisms" uplifted even her copy editor (me).

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Powered by U

Editing brought clarity, consistency, and continuity to these books by Abby Kamen about empathy and intuition for a sustainable future.

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The Meatshower

Mick Sullivan's illustrated children's book was as much fun to edit as it is to read.

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PEACE, LOVE, ACTION! Everyday Acts of Goodness from A-Z

Editing this book by Tanya Zabinski was an inspiration. It will be released by Parallax Press in August 2019.

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