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Priceless, timeless writing advice

Some of the best writing advice ever. Especially 1. And 3 and 5. Oh, and 9. I particularly need to remember 9. Really --this is good stuff. # 1 is the only way--the only way--I can write anything meaningful, real, and in my truest voice. Small rabbit trail: I once signed up for a writing […]

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Reckless? Or driven by a divine wind?

Reckless: Foolhardy. Rash. Daredevil. Hell-for-leather. Kamikaze. Yeah, that was me this morning. Reckless. A grammar kamikaze. Impulsive and irresponsible and devil-may-care. So the Collegiate Thesaurus told me, partnering with Merriam-Webster online. Whilst--I love whilst--looking up something on, the abridged site that features advertising and is open to anyone, as I do multiple times every […]

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First Native American Poet Laureate

I love poetry, and I've spent too many years not letting myself enjoy it, shoving it aside for insignificant trifles like, oh, I don't know, survival. But everything she says about it resonates powerfully with me. “Joy Harjo has championed the art of poetry—‘soul talk’ as she calls it—for over four decades,” said Librarian of […]

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Successful book marketing takes moxie

Moxie: Nerve. Guts. Determination. Energy. Hard work. Chops. Experience. Know-how. Or, my favorite definition from Merriam-Webster: "Knowledge gained by actually doing or living through something."  Ahh, there we are. That's what I'm talking about. All of the above, but mostly that last one. Sure, marketing takes skills. But skills are something you can acquire. And […]

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The Meatshower launches!

The Meatshower by Mick Sullivan and Shae Goodlett launches May 11, 2019!

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The Past and the Curious podcast

Fun podcast about history by the author of the new children's book, "The Meatshower"

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Binge Birding Release

I am so proud and happy for client and author Nancy Grant, who is right this minute at the Biggest Week in American Birding in northwestern Ohio, selling and signing copies of her newest book, Binge Birding: Twenty Days With Binoculars . (A Solo Road Trip from the Ohio River Valley to the Texas Gulf Coast)! […]

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Binge Birding

Road trip! Join author Nancy Grant on a birding binge to the Texas Gulf Coast to see as many birds as she possibly can.

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