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Kirkus Review

An Improbable Astronaut: How a Georgia Farmboy Wound Up Flying the Space Shuttle A sublime scrapbook tribute to an unexpected career in orbit. Kirkus Review, May 20, 2022BY ROY D. BRIDGES ‧ RELEASE DATE: MAY 17, 2022 A debut memoir focuses on a venturesome Southern farm boy who fulfilled a lifelong dream to explore space as an astronaut. […]

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Book Launch for An Improbable Astronaut!

The Story of Roy Bridges, Jr. Grammarwitch client and Heart Ally Books author Roy Bridges, Jr.'s An Improbable Astronaut is the quintessential story of hard work, determination, and never taking your eye off the prize, whose protagonist, against many odds, achieves his wildest dreams but still stays firmly rooted in his deepest roots and values. […]

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World Anvil: Level Up Your Worldbuilding Skills

World Anvil is an online world that was built for the purpose of building other worlds and has evolved into an extraordinarily helpful community for creatives, a space on the internet that is positive, where artists are helping artists. Dive into this detailed conversation between author Deleyna Marr and Janet Forbes, one of the creators […]

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Embracing the Mystery: Deep POV

When we embrace the mystery that is Deep POV, exploring its depths and testing its limits, we expand our horizons, deepen our writing's dimensions, and create for our readers an adventure worth getting lost in.

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Destiny at Dolphin Bay

Heart Ally Books author and Grammarwitch client Diana Delacruz launches the first book of her Desert Island Diaries series. God always has a purpose. We always have a choice. In this compelling Genesis Award finalist, fifteen-year-old Melissa Travis finds herself floundering into uncharted waters when she is exiled from her Christian high school. Dreading a […]

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5 Reasons Why Authors Need a Website

Indie publisher, website designer, and instructor at Lawson Writers' Academy, Lisa Norman of Heart Ally Books has solid marketing advice for authors. We've all heard that writers need a website, but why? In the July 12 column on, Lisa Norman tells you exactly why a website is crucial to your success as a writer, […]

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Award-winning memoir

When one of your clients is recognized for their work, it's almost like one of your children receiving the honors. So imagine how great it felt when I learned that Grammarwitch client Anne Uglum's debut memoir, Graffiti Messages from God: Life Lessons on the Camino de Santiago, received not one, but three honors: 2020 IndieReader Winner (Best Inspirational/Spiritual) […]

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Dominion of Darkness: The Irresistible Pull of Opposites

Deleyna Marr's captivating fantasy Dominion of Darkness sets up conflict after classic conflict between multiple opposites. In a universe that mimics our own and yet is clearly a different dimension, light confronts dark, past collides with future, healers battle destroyers. Even the theme of opposites in conflict has its own contradictory theme: spiritual forces show […]

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Great Review, Careful Reader

There is nothing so welcome and effective as a good review from someone who actually read the book--not only read it, but engaged with it deeply. This review of Grammarwitch client Paul Wesslund's Small Business, Big Heart is just that sort of review. "In the midst of a global health crisis—the worst we’ve seen in […]

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Collaboration and indie authors

Grammarwitch client June Converse discusses her newly published book, Journey to Hope, a poignant and relatable look at recovery from trauma, with publisher Lisa Norman at Heart Ally Books. Follow the link to find out how collaboration served Journey--and June's journey to publication.

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Published! Small Business, Big Heart is Here!

This is an eye-opening, life-changing book. Small Business, Big Heart brings you the inspiring stories behind a local business, which shine a light on:-supporting and being supported by community-appreciating the often unappreciated humanity and gifts of marginalized populations-compassion in the workplace-the life-changing effects of work and life balance. Small Business, Big Heart is now available […]

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Small Business, Big Heart

Grammarwitch client Paul Wesslund's inspiring book is now available! SMALL BUSINESS, BIG HEART is a labor of love and conviction about a labor of love and conviction. Reassessing their values and making family a priority over wealth, Sal and Cindy reinvented themselves. For anyone seeking to create a better-balanced life while building their business, the […]

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Civil War book sales hit bestseller status on Amazon

I only have time for a quick screenshot today, but check it out. Hearty congratulations to Grammarwitch editing client and first-time historical fiction author Terry Pierce, and to Lisa Norman, publisher at Heart Ally Books!

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#1 on Amazon

This indie-published book is knocking it out of the park. It was just released this week; but check out the little orange banner: #1 in Civil War Campaigns & Battlefields History of the US!!! It was also, on the same day #26 in Civil War Campaigns & Battlefields History of the US #704 in Military […]

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Workshop your novel

Ever wish you could get feedback from a real editor? Now you can. Get professional line editing and feedback on 3500 words of your book during this four-week workshop at Lawson Writer's Academy. Learn what to watch out for, how to effectively self-edit, what to expect from working with an editor. You will learn not […]

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