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Cover of Dominion of Darkness by Deleyna Marr shows old man and young woman facing opposite directions

Book Launch!

And great ways to support an indie author and publisher!

Over 30 years ago, now-Grammarwitch client and colleague Deleyna Marr had an idea for a story. She had no idea she'd be working on it for this long.

Today, Dominion of Darkness is officially available.

So this is a story of persistence, belief in yourself, your gifts, and your ideas, and support for artists everywhere.

Dominion of Darkness is a richly imagined and detailed story of a realm where good and evil have a face. It is a story of enduring love and faithfulness. And it is a story of the powers of light and dark, of the responsibility of guarding and using one's gifts, and of the freedom and power of individual choice for who and what those gifts will serve.

The first day of a book's life is important. Vendors look at how it performs on this day more than any other, so this is what you can do to support a great indie author and hardworking indie publisher:

If you haven't got your copy yet, please use the universal link below and find it from your favorite vendor. It should be available everywhere.

Want a budget option? Great idea: Ask your library to get it! The ISBN number is: 978-1631070204. Libraries often buy more than one copy, so by asking them to buy it, you can share the book with others without spending a dime!

Please consider sharing the link and information about the book with your friends. Without sharing, a launched book lands in silence.

Lastly, once you've read it, please consider leaving a review on Goodreads and with the vendor where you purchased the book. In the case of indie authors, potential readers have no idea if a book is worth reading or not. They rely on reviews. Amazon and others decide if they'll promote a book based on the number of reviews (more than the star rating!) Each review is a precious gift to a worthy author and a welcome light on the path for readers.

Congratulations, Deleyna Marr, for your faith and your stubborn persistence and for finally making this wonderful book available for all to enjoy!

Click the link below to:

Get a copy from your favorite store

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