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Book Coaching

Are you stuck? Stalled in the middle of your book? Or just need some light to help you see what to do next?

Because writing is a solitary activity, sometimes you need encouragement, feedback, structure, a gentle nudge, maybe even a good challenge to get you going again.

Here at Grammarwitch, all editing is holistic, so book coaching has always been an inherent part of editing — it’s really indivisible from the process. But if your manuscript is not what you could call edit-ready, or even finished, you might need a heftier dose of support. You might need some book coaching.

My clients tell me that after working with me, they feel

  • encouraged
  • supported
  • more knowledgeable about writing
  • and more confident than they did going in.

When the publishing business began to change drastically during the recession of 2008 and beyond, a lot of services that big publishers traditionally offered went the way of hand-written letters. Editors who used to give their writers one-on-one mentoring and collaboration no longer had the time or the agency to do that. And with the burgeoning indie and self-publishing industry, writers have to find that kind of professional input and support on their own.

Word on the street is that there are some editors and agents who still work this way, but they are rare, hard to find, and even harder to get access to. The good news is this: Grammarwitch still works this way — hands-on, supportive, accessible, mentoring — with deep, thorough attention to detail.

If you want help moving your manuscript to the next level, let's talk about book coaching. Through weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions, by phone or email, we can work together to get your book back on track and suitable for a professional edit.