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5 Reasons Why Authors Need a Website

Indie publisher, website designer, and instructor at Lawson Writers' Academy, Lisa Norman of Heart Ally Books has solid marketing advice for authors.

We've all heard that writers need a website, but why?

In the July 12 column on, Lisa Norman tells you exactly why a website is crucial to your success as a writer, beginning with:

No one will buy your book or become your fan if they don't know you exist.

She goes on to discuss the following essential points and offers grounded detail and experienced insight into how and why to launch your most powerful marketing tool.

You want your website to scream what you are about so that your people will be attracted and those that are not your people will be filtered out.

They like what they see in your writing, and they want more.

One of the most amazing gifts that you can give your fans is the connection to you.

And that is how retention leads back to discovery.

Discover the Marketing Wheel for Authors and get busy on your own.

Get this wheel spinning and it will become self-sustaining.

For more detailed information and to ask questions, read the rest of the article here:

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