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May 25, 2022
Kirkus Review

An Improbable Astronaut: How a Georgia Farmboy Wound Up Flying the Space Shuttle A sublime scrapbook tribute to an unexpected career in orbit. Kirkus Review, May 20, 2022BY ROY D. BRIDGES ‧ RELEASE DATE: MAY 17, 2022 A debut memoir focuses on a venturesome Southern farm boy who fulfilled a lifelong dream to explore space as an astronaut. […]

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May 17, 2022
Book Launch for An Improbable Astronaut!

The Story of Roy Bridges, Jr. Grammarwitch client and Heart Ally Books author Roy Bridges, Jr.'s An Improbable Astronaut is the quintessential story of hard work, determination, and never taking your eye off the prize, whose protagonist, against many odds, achieves his wildest dreams but still stays firmly rooted in his deepest roots and values. […]

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March 24, 2022
World Anvil: Level Up Your Worldbuilding Skills

World Anvil is an online world that was built for the purpose of building other worlds and has evolved into an extraordinarily helpful community for creatives, a space on the internet that is positive, where artists are helping artists. Dive into this detailed conversation between author Deleyna Marr and Janet Forbes, one of the creators […]

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For most authors, the editing process is dreaded and painful. You send your baby to a professional and ask her to find everything wrong – all the blemishes and warts – on something you thought was amazing. Well, Lori, found all those blemishes and warts but she took special care of my manuscript. She was thorough AND she always only wanted me to publish my very best. Was it hard? Yes. Was it fun? Not particularly. Was it painless? Yes. Lori made me feel like a great writer who needed to put commas here and there and maybe rewrite a sentence or two. By the time we were done, I believe she loved my characters as much as I do. It’s because of her attitude, I feel 100% confident I am publishing something excellent. Thank you, Lori. See you on book 3.

June A. Converse
Journey to Hope

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