Mere Words or Full Potential?

The difference is working with an editor who cares as much as you.

The Forest & The Trees

Professional editing is more than grammar patrol.

Cautionary Tales

Grammarwitch clients have a lot to say.

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Professional Editing Services

(a.k.a. Magic Tricks)
Pop Quiz Time. I’m a Grammarwitch because:
  • A. I look great in a pointy hat.
  • B. The name flew into my head one day and stuck.
  • C. I can work magic with words.
  • D. All of the above.

Time’s up! The correct answer is D, “All of the above.” And how, you ask, do I do such Grammarwitchery? In my pointy hat, of course. 

Magic tricks you can hire me for:


I do very thorough, in-depth line editing. However, editing is much more than grammar and sentence structure. Decades of professional editorial experience have taught me to hear your unique voice in your writing. I learn what’s at the heart of your book, where you want it to go, what it wants to be.


Software cannot create an index. It can create a concordance—an alphabetized list of certain words and where they can be found. Indexing involves concepts. I think like a reader to create a useful index, intuiting what a reader wants to look up and how they’d phrase it. A computer can’t do that. I can.


Cautionary Tales About Working With a Grammarwitch
We worked together on my picture book The Meatshower and it was an absolute pleasure the entire time. I deeply appreciated her dedication to keeping the spirit of my writing intact while helping me to refine and clean my manuscript. She was responsive, encouraging, and took an honest interest making my work as good as it could be. I look forward to working with her again. (
—  Mick Sullivan

— Mick Sullivan

The Meatshower and The Past and The Curious podcast

Lori Patrick edits every one of my manuscripts before it goes to the publisher. Whether you want a simple proofread, fact checking, line editing, or comprehensive copy editing, I can tell you from experience she's the best. You can depend on her to make your manuscript say what you mean for it to say. She’s thorough, insightful and dependable. Frankly, I think she’s a better writer than I am, but don’t tell her I said that. (
— Dale Cramer

— Dale Cramer

Award-winning Author

You've been a godsend in building my business, giving me confidence for my book projects in a no-nonsense, reliable way. It goes beyond the sterile, clinical, unimaginative world of copyediting found in news services. The passion for your work, curiosity for the subject, the questions you ask with the tenacity of an investigative reporter have proven you are a real problem solver in making sure we are getting it right–right down to the “right word.” Somewhere I read, “God is in the details,” and so it is with the Grammarwitch. (
— John H. Clark IV

— John H. Clark IV

Founder, Old Stone Press

As a publisher, I’ve worked with a lot of editors: too many of them. When it comes to editing my work, I want Lori. Lori is like a warm, snuggly blanket of safety on a cold winter’s night. Lori helps me dress my baby up nice and pretty before sending it out into the world. She catches those horribly embarrassing typos we all make, and she catches the little inconsistencies that can slip in. She doesn’t edit HER voice into MY work. She makes MY voice sound the way I want it to. I can’t imagine a better editor. (
— Lisa Norman

— Lisa Norman

Owner, Heart Ally Books

Simply put, Lori is an outstanding editor. Lori and I have worked together on a number of very complicated book projects over the last several years and I have found that her command of her profession, attention to detail, and admirable work ethic combine to create the best kind of collaborator. Without question, if you enlist the aid of the Grammarwitch you will be glad that you did because her editorial abilities set her a level above her peers. (
— Elizabeth Perry Spalding

— Elizabeth Perry Spalding

21 Skye Design, Award Winning Graphic Design


I love libraries. I have a special fondness for this library because, in some capacity, I have had the privilege of working on all the books in it.
Binge Birding cover--long wooden deck extends over marsh in bird sanctuary

Binge Birding

Road trip! Join author Nancy Grant on a birding binge to the Texas Gulf Coast to see as many birds as she possibly can.

Universe and U Cover

The Universe & U

Spiritual innovator and clairvoyant Abby Kamen and I worked together over a nine-month period on a very thorough edit of […]

Uber Alles Cover

Über Alles

Fact and fiction weave an unforgettable tale of the human realities of World War II.

Sutters Cross Cover

Sutter’s Cross

I will always be grateful to Dale Cramer for trusting me with an early edit of his first novel - and every one he wrote after that.

Saving Kentucky Cover

Saving Kentucky: Greening the Bluegrass

Exquisite words and images showcase humans dedicated to preserving Kentucky’s past and protecting its future.

Messages from the Edge cover

Messages from the Edge

Traumatic Stress & Integrative Healing Consultant Paige Valdiserri's "Paigeisms" uplifted even her copy editor (me).

Powered by U

Editing brought clarity, consistency, and continuity to these books by Abby Kamen about empathy and intuition for a sustainable future.

The Meatshower Cover

The Meatshower

Mick Sullivan's illustrated children's book was as much fun to edit as it is to read.

Peace Love Action Cover

PEACE, LOVE, ACTION! Everyday Acts of Goodness from A-Z

Editing this book by Tanya Zabinski was an inspiration. It will be released by Parallax Press in August 2019.

Solicitor General Cover

Solicitor General Bullitt

I created the index for this biography of William Marshall Bullitt by Mark Davis.

The 30A Book Cover

The 30A Book

Line editing for George Wickey's rhyming, illustrated children's book was both challenging and fun!

Hazlets Journal Cover

Hazelet’s Journal

Time-travel 100 years back into the mind and heart of a true American adventurer in turn-of-the-century Alaska.

Little Cupcake Divas Cover

The Little Cupcake Divas

Kenya Turner's illustrated children's book is a sweet story of childhood friendship, diversity, and strawberry cupcakes (recipe included!)

Kiss of the Jewel Bird Cover

Kiss of the Jewel Bird

Crafted from myth and cautionary tale, wisdom and wit, Dale Cramer's eighth novel is the stuff of legend.

Paradise Valley Cover

Paradise Valley (The Daughters of Caleb Bender Book #1)

I worked with this amazing author on pre-submission line edit.

The Captive Heart Cover

The Captive Heart

Mexico in the 1920s is not the peaceful life that Amish Caleb Bender expected in this continuation of The Daughters of Caleb Bender saga.

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